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Unbound BTS

The behind the scenes post for Unbound has been long over due, but it’s only now that I’ve had some free time to do a write up of it. After nearly a year of planning and a month and a half of production and post production the short film for the website Narrativs has been released. It’s so exciting to share the short with everyone after all the hard work that we put into the production.

During the pre-production process it was decided that the promotional piece was going to be shot on one of the Canon DSLRs due to budget as well as production time. We basically had a day to shoot the promotional piece, so we had to be able to move quickly. In the beginning we were going to use the Canon 7D, but opted to use the Canon 550D due to the ability to use Magic Lantern and all it’s features (focus peaking, crop marks, histograms etc).

The location of the film was extremely important as it was another character within the film. After talking with Embiggens Books they were happy for us to use their bookstore to shoot the film. Embiggens Books was perfect, just the look and feel matched what we were looking for. The bookstore had quite a classic feel to it, which is what Narrativs wanted to portray within the promotional piece.

Embiggens Books is quite a small book store so we had to rearrange some of the displays to give us room to position the lights and camera. Due to time constraints we had to rearrange our shooting schedule so that all the scenes with the book enthusiast (Robert Kalcik) got shot first. The first setup was in the main area of the book store. We set up two tungsten 500W (I think) lights with umbrellas, that Rob Easton kindly brought along to the shoot. The lights were setup to imitate the light being emitted from the over head lights of the book store. A 475W equivalent fluorescent light was setup near the window of the shop to give the Robert some hair light motivated by the shop window. This setup allowed us to get basically all of the Roberts shots, apart from one or two shots.

Once we had covered all the shots of Robert we started to shoot Eleanor’s shots. We shot in reverse so that we didn’t have to move the lights around too much. For the shots of the author (Eleanor Downie) at the desk, the key light was placed at the left of camera whilst the fill light was on the right of camera. The lamp on the left hand side of was used as the motivation of light on Eleanor’s face. The 475W fluorescent was used as a subtle hair light to separate Eleanor’s hair from the background.

The shoot went really smoothly although we went slightly overtime and the final product came out very nicely. It was an exciting project to work on, and it’s a great feeling being able to bring someone’s ideas to the screen. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the short promotional piece in the comments below. – b

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