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Our first short film for 2012 is finally done and it’s going to be an ongoing series that we will continue to add to through out the duration of the year. This series came about one afternoon whilst having coffee with my good friend Newnest who has started to pursue a career in acting. He had a few scenes that he wanted to re-create, the scene above from “Up In The Air (2009)” being one of them, to improve his acting and I thought it was a great idea as it would help us develop our filmmaking skills as well. Having done scene re-creations in the past, I thought that it would be a fun little project to take on. We’ve come up with quite the list of scenes from movies that we would like to “REMAKE” over the year.

We re-created the scene twice so that both Newnest and Julian were both able to play the role of Ryan as well as Steve.

We had a lot of fun filming these two scenes and look forward to shooting more of them in the future. We have a lot of exciting things in store over the upcoming weeks, I’m really excited.

– b

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