Pause Fest

Pause Fest interview round up

Pause Fest

For those of you who didn’t know or weren’t able to attend, Pause Festival was Melbournes first digital festival, showcasing works from artists from around Australia as well as the world. Kenny and I attended the festival to help MelbourneDSLR shoot some interviews for the festival. The festival consisted of various screenings of work and talks by various visual creators.

We managed to check out Pause & Play I which was a screening held at ACMI which consisted of a large number of animations. I was blown away at the work shown at the screening, there was so much great content shown on the night a lot of which you can see at Pause Festival’s Vimeo Channel. Down below is a round up of the interviews that we shot with Foo Chi Sung (Squint/Opera), Sander van Dijk and the creators of Pause Fest. You can check out some of the other interviews here.

I definitely want to check out Pause Festival again if it runs again next year and if it does definitely go check it out, you’ll get to see some amazing work on display.

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