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Dropping Hammers to Save Lives

The title of this post might sound a little strange at first since you may be wondering how on earth could dropping hammers possibly save lives? Dropping hammers is actually a term used in the skateboarding world to refer to performing difficult tricks, usually up/down/on/over an obstacle.

Our close friend Tom Mahoney started a campaign last year to help raise money for different charities through the use of skateboarding. Like last year, Dropping Hammers Saving Lives is raising money for Charity: Water. You can find out a bit more about the campaign on the Dropping Hammers Saving Lives website.

We’ve been working hard with Tom and the rest of the Dropping Hammers Saving Lives team to help promote the campaign the the last two years. We’re doing our bit by producing all the promotional video content for the campaign. There are still a few promotional piece’s that we are working on for this years campaign, which will be released closer to the campaign kick off next month.

We’re excited to support this campaign and it’s for a great cause. If you want to support the campaign as well, head over to the Dropping Hammers Saving Lives website to find out how you can help the campaign.

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