A Year In Review: 2012

This post is nearly a month too late, but after reading Still Motion’s blog post about looking back at 2012 we thought that it was most fitting that we review what we accomplished in 2012 and how we can improve on them in 2013. 2012 was an exciting year for us. We got to work...

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Behind The Scenes

Unbound BTS

The behind the scenes post for Unbound has been long over due, but it’s only now that I’ve had some free time to do a write up of it. After nearly a year of planning and a month and a half of production and post production the short film for the website Narrativs has been...

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Dropping Hammers to Save Lives

The title of this post might sound a little strange at first since you may be wondering how on earth could dropping hammers possibly save lives? Dropping hammers is actually a term used in the skateboarding world to refer to performing difficult tricks, usually up/down/on/over an obstacle. Our close friend Tom Mahoney started a campaign...

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Our first short film for 2012 is finally done and it’s going to be an ongoing series that we will continue to add to through out the duration of the year. This series came about one afternoon whilst having coffee with my good friend Newnest who has started to pursue a career in acting. He...

Pause Fest

Pause Fest interview round up

For those of you who didn’t know or weren’t able to attend, Pause Festival was Melbournes first digital festival, showcasing works from artists from around Australia as well as the world. Kenny and I attended the festival to help MelbourneDSLR shoot some interviews for the festival. The festival consisted of various screenings of work and...

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Evil Ruled Again Live

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZwqUQ3Xdko Last Friday night my good friend Tom Mahoney played a set at Melting Pot Acoustic Nights: Songwriters in the Round held at Vibe on Smith. It was a great set with some amazing musicians. Evil Ruled Again was one of Tom’s new songs, and it was probably one of my favorites of the night....

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Dropping Hammers, Saving Lives

At the start of the year my good friend Tom Mahoney started on a 4 month journey to help raise money for Charity Water. His goal was to raise $5000 which would provide a whole village with a well that would provide clean water for 20 years. Using skateboarding, Tom managed to raise $2072 which...