A Year In Review: 2012

This post is nearly a month too late, but after reading Still Motion’s blog post about looking back at 2012 we thought that it was most fitting that we review what we accomplished in 2012 and how we can improve on them in 2013.

2012 was an exciting year for us. We got to work on many great projects, one of which we are still working on currently (Dropping Hammers, Saving Lives). In September last year we worked with Narrativs, a organization which promotes creative writing and the sharing of stories, on a promotional piece (Unbound) to bring awareness to their website. This project is one of the biggest projects that we’ve worked on to date and took nearly 6 months of planning. It was a great experience for us and we wish to pursue more projects like this in the future.

Last year we worked with Dropping Hammers, Saving Lives again to produce more content for their campaign, which we wrote a post for a few months ago. During the lead up to the fundraising campaign in November we worked with the team at Dropping Hammers, Saving Lives on a few promotional pieces to bring awareness to the campaign. Since then we have been editing footage that has been submitted to us of the various tricks for each donation level for the campaign. This has been such an exciting project for us as we’re helping raise money for a great charity to help provide clean water to those without it. If you want to find out more about the campaign and to see the tricks which have already been released head over to the Dropping Hammers, Saving Lives website.

We plan to make 2013 bigger and better than last year. In 2013 we want to continue to pursue the types of projects that we worked on in 2012 and we want to produce more of our own content to flex our creative muscles more. 2013 looks to be an exciting year with a lot of fun projects. We hope that you achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish this year and we’d definitely like to hear what your goals are for 2013.

– b

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